Thursday, August 12, 2010

Show Business

Well, I can officially scratch another item off the “100 things to do during your engagement” list -- the future hubster and I attended our first bridal show last night.

We like free things.

Not only do you get to check out a bunch of awesome wedding vendors in your area (all in the SAME building!), you also get free food and drinks. And when the show is hosted by a catering hall, you’re not just getting a lunch meat tray from the grocery store -- we’re talking the same scrumptious treats the venue would be serving your guests. 

Last night’s event was also in conjunction with this contest I entered to win a $100,000 wedding (because seriously, Knot editors don’t get their weddings free on our own), so we got to attend the “VIP” party just for people who had entered.

Sidenote: We find out if we won next week. Send us good, winning vibes!

The only awkward thing was that the event was held at the venue we didn’t end up picking. Eh heh….Although it was kind of cool to get of glimpse of what it would have been like.

The best part of the whole thing was that we got information about the limo company we’re interested in, as well as a few tips for good (and affordable) DJs. It’s all coming together, folks.

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