Tuesday, October 19, 2010

For the Win

So, my future mother-in-law loves bridal shows. And not just loves, loves. Even though I’m the one that works in the industry, she seems to know every bridal show in the tri-state area, and she’s very good about passing along the information.

Remember the first bridal show we went to? That was her idea. And we’re going to another one tonight that she found, too. My schedule is sort of nutty, so I would never have time to find these things if not for her.

She also works for a breast cancer awareness group that holds a dinner/dance every year (it takes place at the venue we almost picked). This year, the Fiance and I went, and it’s a good thing we did.

We got to see our DJ perform live:

One of my bridesmaids and me getting down

We also entered a raffle to win dinner and a hotel night at this really awesome inn nearby, and we WON.

We were going to use it on our wedding night, but then we would have to sacrifice the dinner (not cool). So instead I think we’re going to save it for our 2-year dating anniversary in June.  (Or, you know, anytime post-wedding life gets too hectic and we want a night away.)

I don’t know about you guys, but I really like winning things…

Friday, October 15, 2010

Save-the-dates? Check!

They're officially in the mail!!!!!!!!!!*

Go me.

*Minus one for my cousin because I don't have her address yet and one for a friend for the same reason.**
**EDIT: ALL SENT!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

I love free things

Just found this little beauty on our free table in the office. It's my wedding color and everything!

Now to figure out what to do with it...

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Which is your favor-ite?

So now that I have all these favor boxes sitting on my desk, staring at me every day (pressuring me), I’ve started to put more thought into what I would want to do for our wedding favor. In general, I’m kind of “eh” about the whole idea of wedding favors. I don’t like knick-knacks, or anything that is going to end up useless clutter in my apartment, and I feel like most people share that opinion.

The only time I’m in favor of favors (heh) is when they are a) edible or b) useful at the wedding (like sparklers, rally towels, flip flops, pashminas, etc.). I also don’t want to devote a lot of my budget to favors. (Sorry, guests, I love you, but I’m taking you out for a night of dinner and dancing, so that’s where I’m focusing the funds.)

However, I do want to do something, if only because a pretty little favor box will dress up the table (plus, I have the boxes and all…). And so I figured, why not use my oh-so-lovely blog audience to  get a little feedback before I decide? Here’s what I’m thinking:

Option One: Coffee Beans

Photo courtesy of MyWeddingFavors.com

Of course, my bag would have a much cuter sticker (total disclosure: I would probably just steal this adorable bean phrase.)

Option Two: S’mores Kit

Ok, cute, but maybe a bit pricey to actually put together? Not sure. And I’m a little worried it’s too cute for its own good. I guess the guest could take it home and make a s’more…would anyone actually do that?

Option Three: Homemade peanut butter cups (one dark and one white chocolate in each box)

It’s our favorite kind of candy, and I could probably make 300 pretty cheap…but it would take a while.

Option Four: Mixed CD

It’s pretty, but music is such a personal thing. And I couldn’t really use the boxes for this, I just think it’s a cute idea.

So, what do you think? Place your votes (and reasoning) in the comments section!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Fortune Favors the Bride

Ok, I know I keep saying that Knot editors don’t really get any special perks for their weddings that regular brides don’t get, but I have officially found the exception: The Knot Beauty Sale.

As you can probably imagine, vendors send us a whole lotta stuff that they want to get promoted in the magazine. A lot of it is beauty supplies, hair care products, and general toiletries.

Welll, today was the magical day they put all of the leftover stuff from the past year or so in the cafeteria and let employees buy it for a fraction of the original cost. (Example: I am now the proud owner of a $150 hair dryer I got for $15. All together now: Scoooooooore!)

We also sold off a lot of the Knot Shop items that were either used in photographs or monogrammed for sales pitches and whatnot. Including….

Favor boxes! I got 150 for $5. So I’m a pretty happy Knot editor/budget bride this morning!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Wedding Bouquet Ideas

Now that the bigger wedding details are starting to get squared away, there is one pretty important thing I keep putting off: my bouquet!

Obviously, I’ve put some thought into the bridesmaid bouquets, but there have only been a few fleeting considerations for my own. Here’s what I do know:

1. I want it monochromatic. The bridesmaid bouquets can have color (see link above for an example), but I want my blooms white. The only color I want is a few pale blue dusty miller leaves (I’ve kind of become obsessed with this plant…it’s the perfect color!).

2. I want texture. I’ll either stick with one kind of flower (or go ‘monobotanic’ as my co-worker Anja calls it), such as big fluffy garden roses or (and I know it’s cliché) peonies, or I’ll try a bundle of white roses, mini roses, ranunculus, freesia, and anything else that can be thrown in there, similar to this (but all white, obviously):

Actually, I’m kind of loving this design by JL Designs:

The flowers are balsa wood! Amazing!

Speaking of faux flowers, I might hit up a craft store soon just to throw together a few sample ideas to see which one I like best. (And to figure out which flowers I want to actually order.) Plus, I think I want to whip up something like this for the moms:

I know, I know, corsages are hokey, but seriously, how pretty is that? And what is a mom supposed to do with a bouquet anyway?

What kind of flowers are you planning to carry?