Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Wedding Bouquet Ideas

Now that the bigger wedding details are starting to get squared away, there is one pretty important thing I keep putting off: my bouquet!

Obviously, I’ve put some thought into the bridesmaid bouquets, but there have only been a few fleeting considerations for my own. Here’s what I do know:

1. I want it monochromatic. The bridesmaid bouquets can have color (see link above for an example), but I want my blooms white. The only color I want is a few pale blue dusty miller leaves (I’ve kind of become obsessed with this plant…it’s the perfect color!).

2. I want texture. I’ll either stick with one kind of flower (or go ‘monobotanic’ as my co-worker Anja calls it), such as big fluffy garden roses or (and I know it’s cliché) peonies, or I’ll try a bundle of white roses, mini roses, ranunculus, freesia, and anything else that can be thrown in there, similar to this (but all white, obviously):

Actually, I’m kind of loving this design by JL Designs:

The flowers are balsa wood! Amazing!

Speaking of faux flowers, I might hit up a craft store soon just to throw together a few sample ideas to see which one I like best. (And to figure out which flowers I want to actually order.) Plus, I think I want to whip up something like this for the moms:

I know, I know, corsages are hokey, but seriously, how pretty is that? And what is a mom supposed to do with a bouquet anyway?

What kind of flowers are you planning to carry?


  1. I as a MOB love the bracelet corsage! Very elegant.

  2. I like the corsages a lot, very pretty and actually wearable. I also love the all white bouquet with the light blue accent - it's so very Justine! Is blue your accent color? I couldn't remember but then saw your new orange favor boxes (which of course made me think of Meredith prop sales!) and now I'm confused lol miss you and love catching up with your blogs!

  3. The mint/seafoam color is the main color, along with gray and gold as an accent. I'll have to wrap the boxes in something, so it didn't really matter which color I bought :)

  4. wait...is balsa wood what we used to build in industrial tech in middle school?