Friday, September 17, 2010

Bridesmaid Bouquet Inspiration

I’ve started giving more thought to my wedding flowers. The only blooms I actually have to figure out are the bouquets; the centerpieces are included from my venue and I’m making fabric boutonnieres.

I’m still not terribly concerned with spending loads of money on the bouquets, though. In fact, up until about three seconds ago, I was just going to stick with the baby’s breath idea, a la this:

Simple, romantic, and totally pretty. But then…well, then I found this:

And now I’m torn. I love the look, and the girl is even wearing the right bridesmaid dress color! I’m thinking I could fashion some sort of white/yellow/dusty miller mix for my girls, then have a monochromatic white bouquet for me.

Any thoughts? What bouquets have you seen that left your speechless?

Photos: Brooke Courtney ( and Jill Thomas Photography (


  1. I am doing a monochromatic white bouquet and then my bridesmaids are having a smaller yellow and white bouquet (my wedding colors). But I found a picture of what I want my bouquet to look like online and I am just going to show it to my florist to recreate.

  2. I love that! The colors are lovely and it's both simple and unique.

  3. ohhhh fancy,
    i love your blog to pieces!
    its just grand!