Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Aisle Style

My wedding is just over 200 days away! That is crazy!

But since we’re officially under the seven-month mark, The Fiance and I have started narrowing down our bridal parties. Which naturally has me thinking about what they’ll wear!

You already know my plan (or rather, lack there of) for my maids, but I think I’m a little more particular about the flower girls.

I saw this picture on TheKnot.com a while ago, and I kind of fell in love with it:

A tutu! When I was little, wearing a tutu was basically about as boss as it got, so I’m hoping not much has changed in little girl world. How cute would that be in a seafoam green? I would probably have to order a custom style, but I’ve found a few vendors online that were really reasonable.

I also kind of think this is cute, and a bit more dress-like:

And then to switch it up, I would also totally LOVE this dress if it came in the right color:

Can I get some opinions? For the married readers, how did you dress your little ladies?

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