Monday, September 20, 2010

First Place (Setting)

This weekend we actually got quite a few things (that I have been trying to accomplish for weeks) accomplished! Go us.

Besides figuring out how many save-the-dates we need to order, we also finally met with our DJ. We should be putting down the deposit in the next day or so. (So watch for a post on that!)

Getting wedding details squared away gets me excited all over again for our wedding. Not that I ever wasn’t excited, but you sort of get in a slump when you’re not actively planning.

Anywho, it has got me thinking about reception d├ęcor (as things are oft to do in my brain…).

At our venue, the napkins are pretty consistently styled like this:

There’s nothing wrong with that if it’s what you like, but for me, it just reminds me of when I would help set the table and would tuck the paper napkins/paper towels in the glasses for a bit of “flair.” I’m usually drawn toward sleeker looks, and these three options have really caught my eye:

Ok, the bows are a little cutesy, but still really cute! Maybe better for a bridal shower?

I love the draped look, and I think I might actually ask them to do this. White table cloths, seafoam napkins, some DIY menus on top…what do you think?

I love the look of a vintage doily. Mmm.

I actually saw on a blog once where a bride had printed her menus and then put them on doilies…so maybe I can have the best of both worlds.

What do you think? (C'mon, obsess over the details with me!)

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  1. I love the bow fold napkins for someone's shower. Thanks for the idea!!