Wednesday, August 4, 2010

This is Why I'm Marrying Him

Can we just talk about how adorable my fiance is for a second?

Yes, I’m aware that I am mildly biased. (Due to that he gives me pretty, sparkly things. And I, you know, adore him.)

But remember when I said that he was only kind of into wedding planning? Well, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t just like to be helpful. So when we first got engaged, I delegated finding a DJ and transportation to him. (Ok, I may have done some research myself. Just to make sure. This is my job, people.)

But last night we were out to dinner with some friends, and all of a sudden his face lights up and he goes, “Oh! I found our wedding DJ!” And you know what? He had. And for a great price. And with great optional features.

Yes, he got some help from his mom, who has worked with the DJ through her job (thanks, future-mom-in-law!), but I say it still counts.  Yay for fiances who care!

Besides, who couldn’t love that face?

1 comment:

  1. He looks like a lost puppy, where did u find this guy?