Friday, August 13, 2010

Bride's Favorite Cookie

 For the other brides out there that aren’t into standard wedding cakes, feast your eyes on this little beauty:

Um, whoa. And yum. And YUM.

I don’t know about you, but I love Oreos almost as much as I love creative wedding ideas. This treat was crafted for a swanky housewarming party, but how easily could it transfer to a reception as the groom’s cake or even the main confection? The Fiance hates chocolate, but maybe I could swap in some Golden Oreos to please everyone…

Bigger question, why do I think about these things before lunch?

Photo: Paul Costello


  1. well you think about these before lunch because it's been sooooo long sine breakfast! :) And although I love Oreos and cake, I feel like this could be prettier lol, I love the idea of a super fun groomscake made of something non-cake. Man! I wish we were having these discussions in person!

  2. i was thinking a hockey grooms cake would be awesome. Maybe a huge hockey puck or an ice arena with players on it. just a thought I had one night when I wasn't sleeping.