Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I Got My Wedding Dress!

I’m SO excited.

I picked up my wedding dress last night! It’s a little amazing because they told me it wouldn’t be in until October, but a coworker (you know her as Knot Annie) who used to work at a bridal salon told me that they often give brides extended deadlines so they don’t have anyone calling them every day to check up on it. Besides, it’s always a pleasant surprise getting something you’re looking forward to early!

The only downside to having my wedding dress (exactly!) eight months before my wedding day? I live in a studio apartment. Meaning I do not have storage. What I do have? A nosy fiance dying to see my dress. (Ok, he admits he would be disappointed if he saw it early. But he still hates being left out.) So currently it is wrapped in a sheet (they gave it to me in clear plastic – not good for hiding anything) and tucked into a corner of my closet, safe from view.

I’m going to have to get it steamed anyway, right?

Oh, I forgot the other downside to having my dress early: I want to wear it all the time. Like when I’m watching TV. Or reading. Or sleeping.

Where did you store your dress prior to saying “I do”? Did your fiance ever find it?


  1. I am storing my dress at my parents house that way there is no way that my fiance will see it.

  2. This reminded me of the FRIENDS episode when they wear all the wedding dresses and Monica wears hers while doing dishes lol don't get it dirty!