Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Flower Girl Fashion

Ready to meet the youngest members of our wedding party? The girls finally got their cards and confirmed that they’re in (yay!). First, we have Stephanie:

Stephanie is 5 (six in March), and she’s the fiance’s youngest cousin. (As you can see, adorableness runs in their family.) Next up…

Lily! Lily is my niece (she’s 4) and one of my favorite people.

Originally I planned to put them in matching dresses, but the top dress sold out much quicker than I anticipated. I kind of like how it turned out, though!

They’ll wear gold sparkle shoes like these:

And I want to make some kind of gold hair garland, like this but spray painted gold:

You can’t scatter petals in our ceremony venue, but I feel like they should hold something…maybe ring pillows of some kind? Though the idea of handing a small child diamonds has always made me a little nervous. Maybe pomanders or something. Any ideas out there I haven’t considered?

Dresses: Crayon Kids

Monday, November 29, 2010

I'm a tease.

We took our engagement pictures! Now, before you get too excited, I don’t have any to show you yet. What I do have? A little e-pic teaser to whet your appetite.

First, you should know that my sister (also our engagement picture photographer, you may recall) is way cooler than I am. As a result, she knows a lot of cool people. One of her friends is a hair/makeup artist named Amber. (Amber has done my sister’s hair and makeup for fashion shows and shoots -- yeah, my sister is also a model. Told you she was cooler.) Amber wanted Joelle to take pictures of some of her work for her portfolio, so Joelle offered me up as a model. (I'll add Amber's contact info as soon as I get it from my sister!)

All of that means that I got my hair and makeup done by a professional. Which was a total relief, because I basically do the same thing with my hair every day and wear very little makeup. Here’s me getting glam-ified (photos taken by my sister on my Droid):

Later that night, my parents had a wedding shower for our Iowa guests. Here’s the fiancé and me with two of my best friends (and a sneak peek of the outfits we wore for the pictures!):

I know, I know, we’re ridiculously good-looking. Can’t wait to show you the actual photos!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Bridal Party Planning

I'm a planner. And right now I'm trying to plan what my bridal party will wear.

Does this mean that I spent part of my lunch break printing "paper dolls" of the potential dresses to see what looks best together?

...well, it's doesn't NOT mean that.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Wanted: Flower Girls

Ok, my first DIY project, as promised!

I wanted to think of a cute way to ask our flower girls to be in the wedding, and since both of them live in different states (and are under the age of six) I also wanted to try to come up with something that would paint a clearer picture for them of what we were asking.

I had seen these adorable cards on a wedding blog, and I wanted to create something similar (but a little more girlie). And so, I created these:

Not bad, eh? The fiancé and family were impressed with my craftiness, so hopefully our flower girls will dig ‘em. I dropped them in the mail box this morning, so they should have them by the weekend!

Not only that, but we also asked our officiant to give our wedding talk last weekend, and we’re requesting use of our ceremony venue tonight. I love checking things off the list!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Sign Your Name Here

Hoo boy, we’re under the five-month planning mark. It seems like the time is flying and dragging at the same time.

But we’re starting to get more and more details taken care of! For example, I got our guest book a couple of weeks ago. I had it made by designer Grey Dog Designs on Etsy.com. (You know how I love Etsy.)

Here’s the sample version:

The only difference for ours is that we used a minty blue color instead of the green (and it’s our names and date, of course!). Guests will each leave a thumbprint "leaf," then sign their name by their print. Later, we can hang it in our apartment. (Instead of sticking a book of signatures somewhere on a shelf...does anyone actually look at those?)

Be sure to check back tomorrow for one of my first DIY projects!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Kissing Cousins

Apparently getting engaged runs in my family. My cousin and her boyfriend just got engaged! So happy for them, and I can’t wait to see their details!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Hanging by a thread

I have a lot of plans to spend my holiday break this winter demolishing wedding DIY tasks. One of the biggest things I’d like to finish? Reception décor.

I’d like to do some kind of garland-y thing to hang above the dinner tables, and maybe along the wall by the dance floor. Here are a few ideas I’m tossing around:

Burlap Bunting: I could also see doing this in seafoam- and mint-colored felt or fabric swatches. I probably would skip the words though.


Tissue Paper Pomanders: A could do a few big ones or some strings of mini ones. OR I could do this super cool newsprint version:

  Finally, this:

Felt Circle Garlands: I have gold thread that would be pretty to use, but I'm not sure what color to do. Probably the minty/seafoam, right?

So, here's a shout-out to all you creative/crafty types. What do you think? Is there any idea I'm missing?

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The date is saved!

I totally forgot to post our whole save-the-date! Ok, here is what they look like. (Except we changed “Music” to “Dinner” in the final product…and I blacked out last names. Sorry.)

Totally rad, right? I’m more than a little obsessed with them...

Meet My Junior Bridesmaid

Wow, I have been really awful about posting the last week or so! Ironically, I have to blame the other wedding-saturated part of my life: my job.

But, even though I haven’t been good about sharing it, some very important wedding things have been in the works! We have almost our entire bridal party selected (you’re probably not supposed to do it in tiers, but a lot of our members live in other states). So instead of one big bridal party post, I’m going to break it up into each category.

First: our lovely junior bridesmaid!

This is Cameron (AKA, Cams), my totally awesome niece. She’s 12 years old, loves art, and is scary smart for her age (and, yeah, I know; scary gorgeous, too). Basically, she rules.

Like my other bridesmaids, I’m letting Cams (and her equally lovely mother) pick a dress they like in the wedding colors, but I’m hoping they can find one in a pattern so Cameron stands out a bit. I think it will add some dimension to the whole look, and hopefully make her feel a little special.

I’m actually kind of in LOVE with this dress, but it’s not the right colors:

Le sigh. But my sister-in-law, Lindsay, is a wizard when it comes to shopping around, so I have the utmost in faith that she will find something adorable. (Though she may have to wait until warmer weather. Turns out when you pick spring wedding colors and it’s still fall/winter, the clothing in stores doesn’t really reflect your palette. Who knew?)

And since I don’t have, you know, any children, I’ve realized I have no idea where to shop for dressy kids clothes. Any help from the interwebs? If you had a junior maid, where did you find her duds?