Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Meet My Junior Bridesmaid

Wow, I have been really awful about posting the last week or so! Ironically, I have to blame the other wedding-saturated part of my life: my job.

But, even though I haven’t been good about sharing it, some very important wedding things have been in the works! We have almost our entire bridal party selected (you’re probably not supposed to do it in tiers, but a lot of our members live in other states). So instead of one big bridal party post, I’m going to break it up into each category.

First: our lovely junior bridesmaid!

This is Cameron (AKA, Cams), my totally awesome niece. She’s 12 years old, loves art, and is scary smart for her age (and, yeah, I know; scary gorgeous, too). Basically, she rules.

Like my other bridesmaids, I’m letting Cams (and her equally lovely mother) pick a dress they like in the wedding colors, but I’m hoping they can find one in a pattern so Cameron stands out a bit. I think it will add some dimension to the whole look, and hopefully make her feel a little special.

I’m actually kind of in LOVE with this dress, but it’s not the right colors:

Le sigh. But my sister-in-law, Lindsay, is a wizard when it comes to shopping around, so I have the utmost in faith that she will find something adorable. (Though she may have to wait until warmer weather. Turns out when you pick spring wedding colors and it’s still fall/winter, the clothing in stores doesn’t really reflect your palette. Who knew?)

And since I don’t have, you know, any children, I’ve realized I have no idea where to shop for dressy kids clothes. Any help from the interwebs? If you had a junior maid, where did you find her duds?

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