Monday, November 22, 2010

Sign Your Name Here

Hoo boy, we’re under the five-month planning mark. It seems like the time is flying and dragging at the same time.

But we’re starting to get more and more details taken care of! For example, I got our guest book a couple of weeks ago. I had it made by designer Grey Dog Designs on (You know how I love Etsy.)

Here’s the sample version:

The only difference for ours is that we used a minty blue color instead of the green (and it’s our names and date, of course!). Guests will each leave a thumbprint "leaf," then sign their name by their print. Later, we can hang it in our apartment. (Instead of sticking a book of signatures somewhere on a shelf...does anyone actually look at those?)

Be sure to check back tomorrow for one of my first DIY projects!

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