Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Flower Girl Fashion

Ready to meet the youngest members of our wedding party? The girls finally got their cards and confirmed that they’re in (yay!). First, we have Stephanie:

Stephanie is 5 (six in March), and she’s the fiance’s youngest cousin. (As you can see, adorableness runs in their family.) Next up…

Lily! Lily is my niece (she’s 4) and one of my favorite people.

Originally I planned to put them in matching dresses, but the top dress sold out much quicker than I anticipated. I kind of like how it turned out, though!

They’ll wear gold sparkle shoes like these:

And I want to make some kind of gold hair garland, like this but spray painted gold:

You can’t scatter petals in our ceremony venue, but I feel like they should hold something…maybe ring pillows of some kind? Though the idea of handing a small child diamonds has always made me a little nervous. Maybe pomanders or something. Any ideas out there I haven’t considered?

Dresses: Crayon Kids


  1. We couldn't scatter petals where we got married either so I had petal purses made for my flower girls out of the fabric for my wedding dress. They were similar to this: http://www.myjeanm.com/engine.cfm?iCatID=15381

  2. I love flower girls with pomanders!!!! That still makes them "flower" girls too :-D

    I'm going to have a pomander DIY early next week... they are really super easy to make and they are SOOOO cute. Check it out!!!

  3. i love the two different dresses! maybe just give them mini bouquets so they can still feel like the 'big girls'...and are you having a ring bearer? if not, you could give them the rings. don't the pillows have ribbons or something on so you actually tie it in? i dont know anything about the weddings...but i do know stuff about girls and i think they'd love bouquets even if they cant rip them apart!