Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wedding Inspiration Overload

Sometimes the other editors and I talk about the "curse" of working at The Knot – namely, we are constantly surrounded with amazing wedding ideas, so those of us that are married want a do-over, and those of us who aren't are sometimes just plain overwhelmed. (Don't believe me? Check out editor Anja Winikka and photo editor Rebecca Crumley's Wedding Obsessions Blog. Brace yourself for awesomeness.)

Case in point? These three brilliant ideas I found while editing and uploading the latest batch of Real Weddings:

1. Mini Donut Wedding Snacks
I mean, come on. Part of my job at The Knot is working the catering beat (yeah, it's rough), which means I see a bunch of fantastic wedding chow ideas, but these little pastries stopped me dead in my tracks. Mini donuts displayed over milk shooters? Talk about giving a girl a Dunkin craving.

2. Adorable Favor Boxes
Ok, I don't even like jelly beans and I am ga-ga for these favors. I think it's the cutesy catch phrase. Note to self: Favors should be clever and cool. Duly noted.

3. "Yay!" Wedding Banners
I literally cannot stop thinking about (and planning how to accomplish) this detail. I'm for sure passing out "yay!" flags to my guests. So cute!

So, yeah, we have a lot of crazy cool ideas floating around. Here's hoping I can get narrowed down which ones I want by the time my own wedding rolls around.

What about you? What online inspiration has you a-twitter these days?

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