Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My Girl Likes to Party All the Time

 Wow, what a busy weekend! We made a lot of major wedding decisions while my parents were here (think: venues, dates, photographers, and DRESSES!), but to avoid wedding overload (and to avoid running out of things to talk about!), I’m going to break it into a few posts.

First, we took my parents on a tour of Long Island, including a relaxing evening at a winery. Look, everyone getting along!

Then, we had our engagement party! It was pretty small since we borrowed the house of a really (really, really, really, really…) awesome couple friend of ours – just church friends and immediate family – but it was nice for my parents to get to meet everyone out here.

We don’t really do engagement parties in the Midwest (did I mention I grew up in Iowa? Midwest shout-out!), so in my mind I imagined it was something like a bridal shower. Well, apparently it can be anything from that to a full-on party, complete with a rented hall, dinner, and dancing.

No offense if that’s your thing (because really, who hates an extra party?), but in budget bride world that just sounds like a lot of dough I could put toward the actual wedding day. Fortunately, the fianc√© and I tend to see eye-to-eye on budgetary things, so he agreed.

So we decided to have a barbecue. But even though we were eating simple (and delicious) burgers, hot dogs, and sides, I don’t think the party felt low-budget at all. It’s amazing what good friends and a gorgeous backyard can add to ambiance.

Of course, things weren’t perfect. It rained (and there was a tornado watch) for up to, ya know, like fifteen minutes before our outdoor shindig was supposed to start (no one even wanted to talk to me until the sun came out I was so stressed out), but in the end the weather was perfect and everyone seemed to have a really great time. Put it this way: It was a good lesson in the fact that your attitude determines the party; not the forecast. Besides, look at the pictures! We look happy, right?

What about you? How are you cutting budget corners (without anyone noticing)?

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