Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Etiquette Life Lessons

If you've ever spent any time on message boards, you've undoubtedly learned three things:

1. Once you ask a girl to be your bridesmaid, there is never-ever-under-any-circumstances any excuse to un-ask her (unless you genuinely want to end the friendship). Never.
2. Money comes with strings. Always.
3. Pretty much every bride asks pretty much the same exact questions.

The benefit of being a Knot editor? Part of my job is working with our Community team, meaning I spend a lot of time working with brides and scouring the message boards for popular topics and story ideas. What I'm saying is, in terms of modern wedding etiquette, I often feel I have a leg up.

Here are a few other common lessons that are taught and re-taught (and re-taught, and re-taught, and re-taught…) on the boards:

1. One day, your future mother-in-law (FMIL) is going to be your mother-in-law (MIL). Forever. Play nice.

2. If you have an adults-only reception, someone will be angry about it.

3. There will always be a guest who RSVPs for extra people than you invited.

4. It's your fiance's job to defend you to his family. If he doesn't, then you have bigger problems than your MIL shooting down all your wedding ideas.

5. Did they get a save-the-date? Then they get a wedding invitation. No exceptions.

6. Don't stress out about the potential for "drama" at your wedding. You will be busy on your wedding day. If your future sister-in-law gets in a fight with her boyfriend of the moment, you probably won't even know it happened.

In other wedding news, we've narrowed down our top two reception venues! My parents get into town (from the glorious Midwest!) on the 22nd, and we're hoping to have the venue/date picked that Saturday. (Eep!) Plus my mom, the fiance's mom, the fiance's sister, I are going WEDDING DRESS SHOPPING that Monday. I literally cannot think about it without getting butterflies. (Douple eep!) Wish me luck!

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