Monday, January 17, 2011

The Ringer

We got our wedding bands!!! I may have actually jumped around the fiance's house for about five minutes after we got them. It's so exciting!

I'm not sure if I've mentioned this before, but the stones on my band are kind of special. I guess in cleaning out her jewelry drawer, my mom discovered an infinity band that she never wore, so she decided to split the stones between my sister and me. This is cool for two reasons:

1. I get a super pretty ring that has some family history (and can double as my "something old," if you're concerned with that type of thing).

2. It's super budget friendly!

As for the fiance, he's not really a jewelry guy, so he wanted something simple, but with some kind of detail that would make it special. I instantly loved the ring he picked as soon as I saw it, but I didn't say anything until he made his decision. But it turns out we both had the same favorite anyway. We're obviously meant to be.

Here's his:

And here's mine (ignore my weirdly wrinkly hand...winter is not kind to my skin. I swear I'm not actually 90.):

We both pretty much want to wear them all the time (I may have spent part of Sunday afternoon "trying mine on" again), but we've agreed to keep them safely tucked away until the wedding so they don't get scratched or dirty or anything. Le sigh.

We also ordered our centerpieces, picked our first dance song, and I'm almost done getting my attendant gifts. Meaning the only things left to do are:

1. Guys need to get their suits.
2. We need to order our cake.
3. I need to call the Riviera and tell them our selected menu.
4. Book our wedding night hotel. We're 99% sure where we're staying, but we're going to visit before we book (and grab some cocktails with our bridal party at the rooftop bar!).
5. Stuff and send invitations.

I think that seriously might be it. Only 83 more days until THIS happens:

Cute, ain't he?

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  1. hahaha i'm laughing so hard at your wrinkly skin comments...i looked down at my own in the school counseling office today and internally gasped/scolded myself!