Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Snow Day DIY

Over last weekend, New York was pretty much at a standstill after receiving a dump of over eight inches of snow. (Eight!) So because I couldn't 't get to the office on Monday to think about everyone else's weddings, it seemed like an excuse to focus on my own, right?

Last week, I promised you another DIY project: ring pillows!

I'm happy to say they were mostly a success, although my version is a bit more rustic than Martha's. I started by cutting out he petals out of an ivory cotton material:

Next I gathered them in the center and sewed them tightly onto felt pillow "cases."

I ended up trimming the petals so they puff up a bit more and look more flower-y. I also added gold ribbon to hold the rings.

Then I stuffed the pillows and sewed them up. Not perfect, but not bad for a little DIY detail!

What DIY projects are you working on? If you're looking for inspiration, check out all the amazing details our crafty brides have dreamed up here.

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