Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Honeymooners

Well, we finally booked our honeymoon! I literally could not be more excited. The whole process was a bit of an ordeal (though well worth it in the end!).

We knew we wanted to go to a couple countries in Europe (specifically, Spain and France), so we figured a vacation package would be the best way to go. But when I looked at the package prices (from a company similar to Costco), the flights were way more expensive than some of the flights I was seeing on travel sites like

So first we decided to just book our flights through Orbitz and the hotels through the other company. As I started to look, though, one of those “would you like to chat with a representative?” boxes popped up. I happily selected “yes,” since I was already feeling a little overwhelmed by all my options.

This is when Ashley entered our lives. God bless that woman, because she spent five (yup) hours chatting with me and helping us to book three hotel rooms AND a flight plan that all came in at about $800 less than what we would have paid for the package (and with an extra flight!).

Needless to say, I kind of wanted to invite her to the wedding after that.

So here’s the plan! First, we’re flying to Barcelona the night evening after our wedding:

Next, we take a train to Madrid:

Then it’s a flight to Paris(!):

I cannot wait. Neither of us have ever been to Europe, and I’m sure we’ll have an amazing time.

Anyone have any suggestions for what we have to do while we’re there? Where is everyone else going?


  1. That's an awesome trip! We just booked our flight for our honeymoon in Italy last night, so exciting!

  2. Definitely visit the Parque Guell when you're in Barcelona! It's this amazing park full of ceramic art, mosaics, and life-size works of art all designed by Gaudi. A must-see!

  3. so cool, justine!!! I can't believe you spent 5 hours on the phone! hahaha. it will be an awesome trip!