Thursday, December 23, 2010

Pretty Pillows

Does anyone else have a moment of panic every time they think about how soon their wedding is? I’m under the four-month mark. Which doesn’t sound so bad until I phrase it as, “My wedding is in three months and two weeks.”

Um, what?

I had a minor panic attack about it at work the other day, but one of my co-workers got me to calm down by telling me to make a list and schedule two appointments. I did feel a lot better after that. Then one of my bridesmaids offered to take me on any errand, so I picked the craft and fabric store.

Which means it’s time for another DIY project!

The fiancé is making me dinner tonight, so while he cooks I’m planning to whip up two of these:

We’re not having ring bearers, but I think it will make something cute for the flower girls to carry since they can’t scatter petals. Thoughts?

I’ll post pictures next week. Everyone have a good holiday break!

1 comment:

  1. Justine ... I had the same freakout last night!! :)( love your "ring pillows," by the way. So cute. :)