Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Bang it out

Sometimes growing your hair out for your wedding can get really boring.

Case in point, I really want my hair to look like this:

Still long, but I miss my bangs. But my hair stylist has convinced me to wait until after I've said "I do."

Sigh…another day, bangs. Another day.

Anyone else looking forward to a post-wedding chop?


  1. when i chopped my hair after my wedding i totally regreted it. i'm still growing it out 2 years later (and some more chop offs in between)

  2. yes i am! my hair is getting verrrry long and some days I really like it, and some days I really hate it. But, doesn't matter...cause I'm growing it out regardless.

  3. i'm not getting married, but i did have an insatiable desire to chop my hair. i did it...bangs included. sorry.