Tuesday, March 1, 2011

"Showered" With Love

Ok, I’m taking a quick break from thinking about other people’s weddings to talk about my own, because this past weekend was PACKED with wedding activities.

First, Saturday I had a surprise bridal shower! And I really, truly was surprised. I thought the fiancé and I were meeting up with some friends for lunch, but when we walked into the “restaurant,” everyone yelled, “Surprise!” I actually thought maybe they were surprising someone else. (I was REALLY surprised!)

The best part? My mom flew in to surprise me too! It was so much fun (after I recovered from the initial shock!), and I felt truly loved to have so many people go to the trouble to put it together for me. Here are a few photos of the highlights!

 {photos courtesy of bridesmaid Megan}

Next up: Suits! The guys FINALLY got them. I’ll give you the deets later this week.
And after that: APARTMENT! We found one we love and we’re signing the lease tomorrow. Woo, adulthood!


  1. How fun!!! Congrats on your shower!! Awesome friends!! :) And congrats on the apartment as well!!

  2. awww! i love that you were so surprised and that your mom came! double win

  3. i love it! cute decor AND looks like a wonderful surprise :)